Data Recovery Services Is A Best Option For Losses Data

The customer is from framing ham mass achusetts so he took it to a local computer shop there and um the technician. there at the computer shop told him that it’s dead so this is the silent state right here , so the customer brought it to us here at data recovery services.

We prepped the heart rate a little bit and uh we did uh some firmware preparations uh as you can see here. we worked with the translator trying to see if. we can communicate with the drive the drive is the solid state is not dead rarely. it is dead it is only that it has a electronics problem where certain components here have been burned or have gotten damaged or and so on other than.

That it is not quite dead that is a very vague kind of like word so , it is not dead it has some kind of problem. it’s either fermi issues it’s a degradation something along those lines. where the chips have gotten degraded so the word dead doesn’t really apply in a Facebook data recovery scenario very well so we have to find out what exactly is wrong with the solid state.

We test it as you can see it’s not dead it responds to factory commands so , we did some for my work here and let’s see. if we can access the files this is typically very slow , so i’m going to pause for a second all right here we go. this let’s put the customers information d all right um this is a  gig drive so our drive is going to be this entry here okay make data copy.

Data Recovery Services

We are going to clone to this drive here to seagate modify mb offline destination drive yes let’s see okay and look at that. we can see volume information and we are about to see data boom you see so , the solid state is never dead. it’s actually recoverable you know so um if you have solid state drives that are no longer accessible whether . they are from max or whether they are you know regular sata drives like like this is an this is an nvme solid state uh this is a regular sata drive ssd uh this is another.

Drive um so if you have solid states like this and you have problems with them and you need help check check out a data recovery services specialist. that has um more advanced equipment and expertise and more than likely uh they will be able to troubleshoot much better.

What’s going on with the solid state and in many circumstances the files may be recovered as well whenever others have said that. they are not so if you need help from us specifically. you can find us at go on there fill out the form and we will be in touch with you shortly after.

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