How To Data Recovery Lost Data From Hard Drive

Before continuing with the tutorial, let’s cover some basics about missing Data Recovery. As a tech writer, people think I might have the magic trick to Data Recovery files they’ve permanently deleted. 

Here it means permanently the files which you have deleted using Shift + Delete combination or those which you have also deleted from the Recycle Bin.

Fortunately, these files are sometimes saved in the backup copy from which you can restore them. Even if backup is not enabled, the system only removes the reference to these files and can be restored with the right program.

He best part of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows is very easy to use and you don’t have to do much with the program. This is a short tutorial that will guide you through the process of Data Recovery from hard drive.

All operations are fully clickable thanks to the interactive user interface design, which makes the whole process easier and faster to implement. So let’s start.

To avoid overwriting, it is highly recommended to install the software on an external Wikipedia drive like USB or at least other drives.

This is when you want to Data Recovery everything from your drive. If you are looking for specific items such as photos, videos, audio, documents or emails, you can select them.