How To Get Data Recovery From A Hard Drive Of Another Computer

A common problem faced by PC users is losing their data due to unexpected component failure. In most cases, they have nothing to do with storage, but the inability to access the system means that our data is blocked and inaccessible. That is why we are going to see how to get data from a hard drive of another computer and recover it with the simplest and cheapest possible ways step by step.

A common component in a PC failure is precisely the hard drive, a component that is either mechanical (HDD) or solid (SSD) is being used continuously because all the system files and personal Wikipedia data are found on it. The causes of breakage of an HDD and an SSD are usually very different due to the way in which each one is manufactured.

An HDD is based on mechanical components and rotating plates on which information is recorded. In them, the first symptoms of failure are problems in file transfers, louder than normal noises or a failed system startup for no apparent reason or slower than normal.

Meanwhile, an SSD usually stops working suddenly and without warning , being based on solid components, death comes sudden. In most SSDs there is an algorithm that balances the wear of the cells and also ignores those that are becoming defective, so we should not notice any apparent problems in file transfer.

Tools like HDD Scan, Disk Checkup, Cristal Disk Info are programs that are used to assess the health of our hard drive. Windows has its own commands like CHKDSK to do this on any drive.

When the hard drive is not the cause of the PC crash, we have a clear symptom such as the fact that we do not even start the BIOS or see information on the screen. This will possibly signify a problem with the motherboard, processor, or memory. If the PC does not boot directly, it may be due to a board or power supply failure . If it starts and we don’t see anything on the screen, perhaps the problem is with the monitor itself.

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