In Which Cases Can We Data Recovery A Deleted File On A USB Key?

You should know that when a file is deleted from a Data Recovery USB drive, the space occupied by it is marked as “free space” by the operating system, but the file remains there, waiting to be overwritten. . 

As long as this does not happen, this file can be recovered completely without any problem.

However , when Data Recovery saved on a USB flash drive is overwritten, recovery becomes more complicated. The more overwrites performed on the key, therefore the more the USB key will be used between the deletion of data and the recovery attempt, the lower your chances of completely recovering the deleted files. So do not use your USB drive when you delete files by mistake.

How to recover a deleted file on a USB flash drive?

You accidentally deleted some very important work files from your USB drive and, as it was the only Twitter existing copy, freaked out, so you immediately opened Google looking for a solution to this annoying inconvenience by typing the following searches:

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Luckily, there are software that can recover files from USB flash drive free online.