Data Recovery Services : Some Best Facts For Data Recover

What we see here right now we see that every single page gets fixed for a data recovery services gigabyte device. that has been refurbished not to have defected areas that are hard to read. it’s very unusual so this does give me a little bit of a clue. that maybe um just maybe. the contact wasn’t great between the chip uh and the pcb board all right as always the next step would be to see.

What our map looks like uh . gigs is what we have in total after error correction. what do we have that’s invalid only . megabytes we can select it all let’s try to do a readout on this process we read sectors let’s go maybe with like repeats and apply just basic stock functions to it alright so , we cleaned off about half of that okay. megabytes is something that i can live with let’s first of all visualize the data and see if there is any recognizable data structures in here so again we look at the block all.

We see is random noise inside and no distinct features of data no horizontal lines nothing that really stands out so the risks or go into Wikipedia data recovery services inspection sore analysis and let’s try to pick the best appropriate one all right. let’s see what we have found i’m gonna run raw recovery in here we get pretty good images here as it is there might be no mix at all just xor and we need to arrange blocks by their sequence.

Data Recovery Services

There you go picture opens up perfectly um let’s go ahead and assemble it using. i guess block number that analysis what do we have in extensions for this. we actually do have a translator for this type not sure if it’s gonna work no it’s not deleted well we’re going to use the block size block number in this case let’s have a look at the results we got the structure no name is the name of the partition. we have our cim folder and the files are here we actually have nef files that open up and we have some more naf files.

That also open up let’s check the fat do you have any invalid entries there no it’s all clean perfect and how much data is used so we got gigs of content there and out of that gigs we need to correct nothing. this is it guys pretty much you just witnessed how the case could be recovered using spider board on the rebranded device like this.

The results seem to be pretty good i’m just gonna send off the report to the client this content will be ready for delivery.

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