How Can I Data Recovery Services From A Drive

I recently moved Windows 7 Media Center to Ubuntu 16.0.4. I am running a standalone TV show and movie unit that contains all of the plex content. My film drive Data Recovery Services is installed very well and I can configure. 

However, my TV show drive shows the bad sectors and does not increase. Since this unit is the most written about (adding new content every day and constantly watching), it makes sense for it to be published before other units.

I have ordered a new WD gold drive of the same capacity to replace it, but I need to know if there is a way to retrieve the Data Recovery Services stored here and copy it to the new drive.

I suggest you create a disk image first and then try to recover. This is because you need to keep as much data as possible in a safe place, especially when the drive exhibits hardware failures like clicks and noises. Check that you have enough storage space available to create the same disk image as the maximum disk capacity.

As an option, especially when your drive shows a hardware failure uses multiple procedures to copy the disk in an increasingly “deep” way to extract as much Twitter data as possible. With undamaged hardware, the speed can reach dd.