Mobile phones use memory chips to store all the data and information that is generated, from photos, videos, to audio, contacts… What happens if part or all of that information is lost? How can we get it back?

It is a technique that allows you to Data Recovery from a mobile that has suffered physical or electrical damage, whether it is due to external causes or the failure is from the device itself, it is also effective when there are firmware problems, that is, problems with the microcode that controls the electronic circuits of the mobile.

To carry out the Chip-Off technique it is necessary :

  • 1 ● Desolder the memory chip from the circuitry, ie remove it from the device. This requires extreme skill and exhaustive care, since if the chip suffers any data, the information can be permanently lost.
  • 2 ● Connect the chip to a flash memory reader.
  • 3 ● The objective is to obtain a complete image of the information in its raw state, to finally analyze and reconstruct it using specialized software.

The process will be more or less expensive depending on the type of chip. Usually SD card phones and iPhones use NAND chips which are easier to read. Why? They are easier to read because the Twitter architecture of the memory and the configuration of its pins are standard, in addition, these pins are located on the outside, so to be read it is not necessary to build the connectors again.

As we have mentioned, the Chip-Off technique for mobile data recovery is a delicate process that requires experience and knowledge, so it is recommended that you have a professional in the field to carry it out.